About Us

Hey There! 
This is Jack, CEO of Dog Lovers Gift Store,
Allow me to tell you everything about our website! 
  • Who we are

As our name says, at Dog Lovers Gift Store we are absolutely passionate about dogs. We are a small company of 20 people who love animals.

I myself have three dogs at home! I love them more than anything – and we know that the customers who will purchase our products love their pets in the same way.

  • Where can you find us

Our company is located in Bangkok, Thailand. However, all our products are printed and shipped from the US which is why shipping is so fast! We also have a specialized team of experienced graphic artists based in Thailand that helps us to create all of our amazing designs. Since its establishment, our ultimate goal is to bring the best experience to dog lovers worldwide.

Our artists and designers are always on point to create the best artwork possible, every time.

  • What can you find here
All the most original personalized gifts for dog owners!  You can find anything here related to gifts for dog owners. We hope you have a great experience shopping at Dog Lovers Gift Store, & we hope you can cherish our creations forever! 

If you have any additional questions or require further clarification, please go check our FAQ page or contact us directly at info@dogloversgiftstore.com ❤︎ 
Best Regards,